A Dream Come True!

Book Update: The book should be on sale online as soon as Saturday, but as far away as next week. Either way, I will let you know the moment it is published!   

Now on to this week’s blog!!

I am writing this blog on Sunday, June 26th from sunny Santa Monica, California. It’s beautiful! For days, I have been looking out at the ocean and seeing not only the water and the waves but envisioning it as the ocean of God’s mercy…endless, mysterious, and beautiful!

Eleven months ago, I was suffering. I laid on a couch unable to participate in life dreaming of the day I would be able to be to hold my children or throw a ball with Brady. As I endured serious pain from my injuries and infection, there were days where I wanted to give up, and where I did not think I could continue as the pain was so unbearable. What made it bearable was lots of prayer! The other thing that made it bearable was that every time I experienced excruciating pain and began to focus on the negative, I closed my eyes and dreamt of the ocean… not just the ocean, but me running on the sand playing with my children at the beach. Somehow it lessened the pain. Instead of focusing my thoughts on that moment in time, I focused on what the future may hold. At the time the dream of playing with my children on the beach seemed like a dream, a wonderful, glorious dream. I hoped that once the summer hit, I would truly be healed in a way would allow for such a trip, but also realized, I may not be healed enough by then. Everything at that time was so uncertain and at times seemed bleak.

Once I did recover, I knew that this summer I had to get to the beach! I had to fulfill the dream that kept me alive at times during my darkest days. I had to live it out and play with my children in the sand and the sun! The opportunity arose…and not just any opportunity! A close friend’s uncle has a house on the beach of Santa Monica which he allows guests to stay or renters to rent. Knowing my dream, this friend invited my little family to spend the week in this beautiful house on the beach, for free!

Is it everything I dreamed of? Yes, and more—because it’s not longer a dream, it is real! I played on the beach with Doug, Brady, Ella and my good friend for the past four days. Every day that I am out there under the big blue sky viewing the ocean, I say, “I am living the dream! God is so good!”

When I got to California, I was surprised at what I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to shop, I didn’t want to check my e-mail a hundred times, I didn’t want to go to fancy restaurants or meet lots of people (which is what I would have liked before). This time, all that was important was to just “be.” I just wanted to be in the presence of my family and friend and be present to them. As life has become so busy, I find it harder and harder to even have the time to just be.  So, I wasn’t going to let this trip just slip away! I have included pictures of this dreamy trip! I hope it inspires you to stop whatever you are doing to carve out some time to just be—be present to life! You don’t have to be on a beach, you just have to be willing to let go of all the things that seem important but in the grand scheme of life—really aren’t, and just give yourself permission to just “be.” Don’t let it slip away!

Below are pictures from the trip!!


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