Submit a prayer request for next week’s blog

Dear Blog Readers,

My next blog will be on praying for those who are suffering and I invited people on Facebook to leave an intention for someone who is suffering and in need of prayer. If you have any people you would like for me to include in this prayer list which will be posted this next week, please e-mail them to by Monday, Jan 9th. Please let us know a little about what they are going through. No need to put last names.

Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Patty Silver · · Reply

    Pray for L, M & B for a conversion of heart.
    Pray for Amanda for correction of conscience
    Pray for Steven that he is brought back to The Truth.
    Pray for those fallen from faith Catholics that God would lead them back to Truth.
    Pray for conversion of the world.

  2. Well, I know this is late, but can you add Rose to your prayer list? She is fighting lymphoma. Here is her story: . God bless!

    1. I will be praying for Rose! Thank you for sharing!

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