A Busy Week

Wow! This blog writing day came upon me too fast! I just got back from Ohio where I spoke at two all-girls Catholic schools, two all-boys Catholic schools, and an event called “The Underground.” Pregnancy Center East, of Cincinnati, brought me out to speak on chastity to their young people.

Eight years ago, Fr. John Parks and I used to be chastity speaking partners before he was a priest and now that he is a priest, I invited him on this trip as sort of a reunion tour. We had a blast! It was so much fun to speak with him again and so awesome for the young people to hear a chastity message from a priest too.

The greatest compliment I received from the students was really in the form of texting-gossip from two students who saw us speak at different schools. One girl came up to me and said, “I loved your talk.” Then she said as her friends were standing around her, “My friend Ben from the all-boys school you spoke at earlier texted me that he is a changed man since your talk.” Then another girl piped in and said, “Ben really said that.” The informant responded, “Yes, he texted it to me.” Then the other girl said, “Wow, if Ben said that…then that really means something” (referring to our talk–as if it was the greatest compliment she had ever heard). By far the cutest part of the conversation is when another girl said, “Well, Ben is kind-of spiritual.” Then all the girls nodded in agreement with looks of a new attraction for Ben. Whoever this Ben-kid is, let’s just say if he is a changed man, he has about 17 new freshmen admirers!

Below, I posted some pictures of our time in Ohio.

I have decided not to post a real blog today because I am overwhelmed. Not only have I just returned from this trip where I gave six talks in three days, but tomorrow I am starting a four week Bible Study I wrote for a group women I have never met. I haven’t led a bible study of this sort in years and am honored to have been asked. Then, to top off my busy week, on Thursday, I will be interviewed by CBN’s The 700 Club about my survival story. They are actually flying here to Arizona to interview Doug and me in our own home. As you can imagine, a mom with two kids like myself is far from ready for visitors with video cameras, so I need to get my house in order. I could use your prayers to not only let them into a clean house, but that the interview is completely lead by the Holy Spirit! I am extremely excited to share my story with more people who may need to hear about the power of prayer and the mercy of God. I feel blessed to have been asked to be part of the show! It will probably air in March and when they inform me of the date, my wonderful blog followers will be the first to know!

Father Parks and I before speaking to an all-girls school on Chastity

Here we are with Debbie and Laura, the incredible women who work at Pregnancy Center East!

Here are some wonderful young women we met after our talk!

Have a wonderfully blessed week! I’ll write again soon!



  1. Emily Staresinic · · Reply

    it was wonderful having you! 🙂 We all enjoyed it SO much. Sparked some great convos. All of the girls were saying they wished their significant others could have heard it. We are really hoping to get you back to Xavier sometime 🙂

  2. I remember when you and Fr. John were giving those talks. It’s great to see you two back together again talking. You both need to come to Texas next.

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