Eyes in Need of Healing

Thanks for all your prayers for my vision problem. It has not gone away, but I did have an MRI and it showed that the cause was nothing serious like a stroke or tumor. It is an injured 6th cranial nerve that needs to heal. It could take weeks to months. The optometrist who fitted me for my new glasses said, “This is a rare thing to happen to someone.” I said, “It’s not the first time something rare has happened to me!” Then I told him about surviving an AFE. His eyes got big in amazement. I’m sure he, like me, wonders how all these rare medical conditions happen to little old me!

For the past few weeks I have managed by putting a patch over one eye. That was quite an adjustment. I guess the pirate thing has lost its luster because people gave me odd looks!

The pirate patch...arrrrrrr!!

This weekend I picked up my new glasses which have a prism to help me not see double. They work when I look straight on but if I turn my head in different directions it’s difficult to see clearly. The glasses are a big change especially for someone who has never had them before. I admire all who wear them; I never realized how difficult it must be for some with long-term vision problems. I am so happy I don’t see double, but I also don’t see perfectly with the prisms. It is difficult being in large crowds and cluttered places like the grocery store; it overwhelms my eyes. By the end of each night I either feel nauseous or have a headache or both.

I gave two talks in the past few days and it was definitely strange to look at the audience through my new lenses. After the second talk, a woman followed me out and called out my name; I turned around and recognized her. She said, “Melanie, you walked right by me and didn’t even say hello.” I apologized and said, “With these new glasses, I don’t see my surroundings like I used to.” Then she said, “I didn’t even notice that it was you speaking until 15 minutes into your talk. You look SO different with those glasses.” Well, that didn’t make me feel too good…someone I know not being able to recognize me.

The new glasses. Do I look different?

If you are starting to feel sorry for me….DON’T! At least I’m not waking up in a hospital bed after having an amniotic fluid embolism. That experience makes this eye problem just a little annoyance that I can easily suffer through.

I am trying to embrace the vision problem and offering up lots of prayers during times of frustration. It is definitely reminding me how God is in charge and in control. I also believe that if God can wake me from the dead, He can easily heal my vision, so I am trying to be patient and open my soul’s eyes to what I can learn from this. It has also been a constant reminder of Lent and so I have been joining my small suffering to Christ’s on the Cross. I am praying for an Easter miracle where my eyes will see clearly again!

I pray that you all have a powerful Holy Week! On Holy Thursday, we have a tradition in our little home that we wash each other’s feet as a sign of our willingness to sacrifice for one another. We also ask forgiveness for any way we have hurt one another throughout the year. We always include Brady (age 4) and this year we will even include our little Ella (20 months). It makes for a powerful evening in the Pritchard home!

Picture from last year washing Brady's feet.

I hope you have a joyful, blessed Easter!



  1. Patty Silver · · Reply

    You are radiant…the glasses are very cool; actually a great style and very upbeat.
    God will heal your eye…I know it!
    Happy Easter Mel.

    1. the glasses look great on You:)take care

    2. jennifer garcia · · Reply

      Thank you for sharing the washing of the feet tradition. I did it last night
      with my children and it was beautiful. He is Risin!

  2. Melanie, thank you for the update, I have been thinking about and praying for you.

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