700 Club Segment Link of My Survival Story

Here is link to my AFE survival story segment airing on CBN’s 700 Club stations today.


So happy my story is getting out even more! Hopefully it will reveal the great power of prayer! Please share it with others!

Seeing it makes me remember how amazing so many were in coming to Ella’s and my rescue in prayer!





  1. Patty Silver · · Reply

    I could watch and hear the story every single day to help remind all of the world the power of prayer! Your story is a Miracle and our God is so very generous! This was a beautiful piece and little Ella will some day gasp to see and hear the beginning of her life! Thank you for all your good work Mel. God bless you abundantly. Pope John Paul II pray for us.

  2. Ken H. · · Reply

    I loved seeing this story again – as strange as that sounds, because it was very emotional to watch and very well done. This experience has deepened your connection to God and I wonder if that could have happened in any other way? or at least if any other event could have had such an impact. And it has touched so many people, as I guess a real miracle would have to do. I shared it on facebook and I hope that many new people learn of your story.

    God bless you, and I thank God for this miracle!

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