Conversion of Heart

Before I begin my blog, I wanted to share with you that a few weeks ago we celebrated Ella’s 2nd birthday and my survival! The day she was born was death-defying, her first birthday was a princess affair, and her second was—simple! I think this family needed a little simplicity. She went to the splash-pad with a few of her little friends and I brought donuts and juice! It was a wonderful celebration! She is getting so grown up…I just can’t believe it! I love every minute of her and Brady!

Don’t you love her modest swim suit!

In  this blog, I wanted to share with you a note of affirmation someone wrote me this week. I’m not sharing because it affirms me, but it affirms exactly what I wrote about two weeks ago in the “Objectionable or Exceptional—You Choose” blog. In summary, I shared how most people in our culture are living what they believe to be a “morally acceptable” life but because they are living with one foot in the world and one foot at church, they never experience lasting joy. The point of the blog was that either you are in a relationship with God or you are in a relationship with sin, and ultimately, you decide.

This note of affirmation I am about to share with you is from a girl who once heard me speak. I omitted some of her writing in order to keep her anonymous. She is living proof that redemption exists! She is a witness to the fact that being in a relationship with God and getting out of a relationship with sin IS POSSIBLE!

Hi Melanie!

I’m the oldest of 5 and my sister was just at one of the conferences you spoke at. The other day I asked my 17 year old sister, “If you had to choose one thing you think God really spoke to you about, what would it be? What would be your one big takeaway?” She told me she really liked the talk on modesty & chastity given by a woman named Melanie Pritchard.  My mouth dropped because exactly 4 years ago at the same conference, during a talk on modesty & chastity given by a woman named Melanie Pritchard, I accepted Jesus’s sacrifice as my own and began my walk with the Lord .

Your testimony of God’s conviction in your life was extremely moving. I was at a point in my life when I thought my choices had made me unforgivable and irredeemable.  Growing up, church was an occasional thing and though I loved God, I never really understood His grace.  In high school, I made choices I knew were separating me from God but continued in my worldliness in a sad attempt to find acceptance and affirmation.  I thought that was it for me and going back to God was not an option.  Somehow I ended up on this conference where I got to hear you speak.  God had been working on my heart to draw me closer to Himself, but I just didn’t believe He wanted me.  In your talk you said, “It’s never too late to make the change, to be pure” and I was skeptical.  I had such an immense guilt because of my impurity and “some woman who has no idea what I’ve done” could not just say that it wasn’t too late. You said, “God never looks to your past to determine your future” and I was changed for good 🙂 What Jesus did is way bigger than anything I could do. I’ve repeated your phrase probably a hundred times sharing my own testimony. I once heard a speaker say that he liked compliments after he spoke but the ones that meant the most are the ones given 6 months + after, because that means it truly impacted a person’s life.  I meant to write before but maybe it’s God’s timing that I’m just getting to it now. 

When I walked into the conference that day, I was unsure of God’s love, oblivious to His grace towards me, and I had no idea of my own value as a daughter of the almighty King.  4 years later, I have grown in faith slowly but steadily.  I’ve made my own decision to devote my life to labor for God’s Kingdom.  I’ve accepted a position with a Christian organization where I will be working for their ministry. I’m so excited to continue speaking God’s truth into women’s lives for my JOB for the next 2 years!  Thanks so much for the way you continue to allow God to use your life. 

She signed it “In His love” and then her name. She is witness to the fact that “God does not look at your past to determine your future.” If that were true, many people who are making a difference in this world, including myself, would not be doing good work if God wasn’t a great redeemer and restorer! I remember saying that at that conference and the first time I said it, the youth didn’t respond, then I said, “I don’t think you heard me because if you heard me, you would be cheering at the top of your lungs at the news I just brought you!” Then I repeated it and the girls roared with clapping and yelling. Praise God, that was what God used to reveal to this lovely young girl that she was deserving of His love, grace and redemption!

I pray that we will all reflect on that saying and like this young woman did, repeat it to ourselves over and over until we truly believe it!

“God does not consult your past to determine your future!”

I hope you too are hooting and hollering at your computers hearing this great news! Let’s seek forgiveness for the past, leave it behind us and walk in Truth…God’s Truth!

PS: If you want to hear the talk I gave to this girl’s sister at the conference I spoke at a few weeks ago, go to: You can also view more of my talks there along with some other really amazing talks from different speakers!



  1. God continue to bless you!!!
    You have an amazing grace!

  2. Francesca Morgan · · Reply

    Amen!! How uplifting. Our God is so good even in so much mystery.

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