Season of Change

Change! I used to hate the idea of change. When I graduated from high school, I cried. When my parents sold the home I grew up in, I begged them not to and when they did, I cried! I used to look at change as a horrible occurrence until I entrusted my life to God. Now I look at change as an adventure! Now I surrender my control to God since I usually don’t have control anyway!

Our little family of four has embarked on another time of change in our lives. One great change is that my husband took on a new job where he is surrounded by like-minded co-workers! This is something I had been praying for and the Lord made it happen! Thank you Jesus!

Another change is that my son Brady will be entering kindergarten next year and my little Ella will be going to preschool. How time flies!

Because the children are entering into this stage of their lives, I have decided to cut back on traveling which I have already been doing for the past few years. It’s not that I will stop all travel for speaking; I will just be trimming down to a limited amount of times per year. So, if you are thinking of asking me to speak in your state, don’t hesitate to still ask! If it is the Lord’s Will, I will be there! There is also a local ministry I will be devoting more time to next year. I will share more details about that once I have more information!

After a long and arduous process, we have finally decided on the perfect school for my son. It is a small Catholic school filled with wonderful teachers, families, and children whose number one goal is getting to Heaven in addition to fostering intelligent, compassionate, young people. In order to do this (because it is costly), we are reaching out to family and friends in AZ who can offer their tax credit for our child. It is truly a blessing that people can assign their tax credit to help others attend the school of their choice. If you live in AZ and would consider using your tax credit (which is no cost to you) to help our family send our children to private school, leave a message in the comments or privately e-mail me at for more information about how to easily do it.

In addition, I decided to do something I have always wanted to do! Recently, I got my real estate license! I work with the Biltmore HomeSmart! I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Education, which has suited me well in my speaking career, but if there is any other kind of job I would enjoy, it is anything to do with houses! Quite ironically, in one of my real estate classes, the teacher said the number one people who do well in real estate are educators! As you may have read in my last two blogs, I also love decorating. My father is a realtor and flipped houses for many years so this is probably where this passion was born. My sister works for a major mortgage company as well, so you can imagine the family talks around the dinner table. I really enjoy real estate and am now able to participate in helping people buy and sell their own properties.

This is something that I can do in addition to speaking. And, it is something I can do locally, is flexible, and will be able to grow with me as the children are both in school full-time. It is also another way I can help meet our family’s financial needs especially now that we are sending our children to Catholic school. I will take on a limited amount of clients in order to make sure all my priorities are in order, but I am extremely excited to dive into this new venture. I love working with people and advocating and negotiating on their behalf. I also love to decorate houses, so I can offer to help my clients stage their houses. And, most of all, I am excited to be doing something in the business world where I can be a witness for the Lord to people who may not have expected to encounter Him in the buying or selling of their homes! Already, just in taking the classes, I have had some profound conversations with people where I have been able to share the love and light of Christ. It’s amazing how when you open yourself up to Christ, He will choose to use you in the most unlikely places. I’m opening myself up for Christ to work through me in this new business adventure!

If you know anyone or you are in need of a realtor in Arizona consider me! You can also check out my new website at I can’t wait to begin praying for and helping new clients in a transaction that can often be somewhat scary and confusing!

Life for the Pritchard family is changing in some small ways as new things are being added to our family life. But one thing remains– our faith and trust that the Lord is leading this adventure we call life! Also, just to reassure my readers, I will keep speaking and blogging as long as the Lord calls me…so that won’t change!

Matter of fact, I have some great speaking events coming up! One is that I will be speaking at The Magnificat Prayer Breakfast on March 9th in Concord, CA. To attend, view details at I am also speaking at the 3rd Annual Arizona Catholic Women’s Conference on Saturday March 16, 2013. You can sign up and see details at! Come spend either of these days with me and hundreds of other wonderful women!

I ask you to please pray for our family as we embark on these added changes.

As many of you know, this Wednesday is Ash Wednesday! We all are invited and even encouraged to initiate a change in our daily lives by offering something up in sacrifice for the Lord or adding something that will enhance our relationship with the Lord. I am curious what you are offering for Lent. If you are comfortable, please share any ideas or suggestions in the comments that may help others find something new and maybe even original to give up or to begin for Lent. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!


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