My Birthday Wish!


Last year’s birthday celebration at the Grand Lux Restaurant!

Saturday, June 15, 2013 I celebrate another year of life! It’s a blessed reminder to me of how grateful to God I am for being alive and well! For my birthday this weekend, I am celebrating with my wonderful husband, my two beautiful children, some close friends, and my incredible family; that is all I need personally! Each year that passes since I suffered an AFE, I feel like I have been given a new chance at life to continue to make a difference, but I cannot do it alone!

So instead of asking for presents for me, I am asking everyone to consider donating something to help girls who have applied for scholarships for Vera Bella to be able to attend without any financial worry. I’m never one to ask people for things and never like to impose, but this is the best reason I have had in a long time to reach out to others for assistance! I have 75 girls registered for my Vera Bella program for the fall and 16 have asked for scholarship assistance. The program which meets once a month and has a retreat, costs $200. Some girls need half covered and some need the full $200. I need to raise $2000 so that these girls have the ability to be a part of this wonderful, faith-filled, life-affirming, virtue program! I really don’t want any girl to miss out for financial reasons, so I am putting this need out to those who may be able to help or who know others who can assist.

Some of these girls have a parent out of work and others come from large families who cannot afford this program in addition to their other financial obligations.

An 80 year-old woman came up to me after a talk I gave and after sharing about the program, she contributed towards the scholarship fund because she sees the need in the culture for this kind of program. Another woman contributed because she doesn’t have any children of her own, but if she did, she would want this for them. In addition, a church Pastor made a donation on behalf of one of the girls in his parish when he discovered there was a need!

If you would like to sponsor a scholarship for one of these amazing girls, please do so at and click on the “Donate” tab located at the top or click here for the direct link.

Any additional money raised will go towards our virtual program which we are trying to raise $5000, for the cost of the technology supplies needed to transmit our program to girls across the country through the internet.

Please continue to keep this program and me in your prayers. My little “yes” to the Lord’s calling to create and organize Vera Bella has become a giant “YES”! But, everything has fallen into place so well that I know He is guiding me through every step and will see me through every need by placing it on the hearts of those He intends to help. If you feel that is you, please consider including us in your daily prayer, spreading the word about the program, and consider a financial contribution.

Let me know what you need prayers for in the comments or in an e-mail! I would like to serve you on my birthday and wrap all your intentions up in my own prayer and give them to the Lord on a day that reminds me of how truly grateful I am to be alive!


One comment

  1. Happy Birthday Melanie! I wish you all the best on this day, and God’s greatest blessings for you and your family in the years to come.

    I have some special personal intentions for myself, I appreciate your prayers. I have a friend, Nicole, who just had her close friend pass away at the age of 36. Please pray for her and her family in this time of their need.

    I pray that you had a great Birthday, and for a great year ahead – best of luck with your Vera Bella program!

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