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Season of Change

Change! I used to hate the idea of change. When I graduated from high school, I cried. When my parents sold the home I grew up in, I begged them not to and when they did, I cried! I used to look at change as a horrible occurrence until I entrusted my life to God. […]

Have You Thanked a Nurse Today?

With my eyes wide open, I laid on the ground next to my grandma’s bed in the guest room when she came for a visit at age 93 (she is now 101 years old). During her visit to Arizona (from Minnesota) she contracted a bad cough. It progressively got worse during the night and so […]

A Busy Week

Wow! This blog writing day came upon me too fast! I just got back from Ohio where I spoke at two all-girls Catholic schools, two all-boys Catholic schools, and an event called “The Underground.” Pregnancy Center East, of Cincinnati, brought me out to speak on chastity to their young people. Eight years ago, Fr. John Parks and […]

Steubenville Mid-America 2011

Every time a special occasion or a first is coming up, I never know how I am going to feel. This weekend I went to my first Steubenville youth conference since suffering my AFE. I had a feeling it would make me slightly emotional since I knew I would be sharing the great miracle with […]