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What I Learned From Watching My Friend Die of Cancer

  What I learned from watching my friend die of cancer September 21, 2012 was just two years ago. I can’t believe the time that has passed by as I recall the life and death of my dear friend Angela Faddis. My friend, a mother of two small children, was given the dreadful news that […]

The Mystery of Suffering

When I check my Facebook, I love to see people celebrating and sharing beautiful moments in their lives. But today as I peruse my page, I see heartache. First I see the mother of a girl I went to high school youth group with sharing that her mother will die of cancer in the next […]

If I got pregnant again, I could die: but I wish I could have 10 kids

Recently, an acquaintance on Facebook wrote something that struck me. Here is what he wrote (I have omitted any identifying information to protect his privacy): “Dear Facebook World, I have to admit something. The past nine months I’ve been scared. I’ve been scared to announce that my wife and I were pregnant with our 5th […]

How do you say, “It is well with my soul?’

My dear friend Angela Faddis died from colon cancer at age 32 leaving behind her husband Chris and her two young children, Gianna and Augustine. With the year of her death passing just over a month ago, her husband has come out with a book titled It Is Well that speaks about their beautiful faith […]

Heroic Love: Baby Celeste Born 22 Weeks

Meet Celeste. Her name means “Heavenly”. This was a fitting and perfect name for a child born at 22 weeks weighing one pound, one ounce. About a month ago, Corinna began experiencing contractions at 22 weeks in her pregnancy. Her husband Kemi rushed her to the hospital where doctors informed them the baby was coming. […]

Have You Thanked a Nurse Today?

With my eyes wide open, I laid on the ground next to my grandma’s bed in the guest room when she came for a visit at age 93 (she is now 101 years old). During her visit to Arizona (from Minnesota) she contracted a bad cough. It progressively got worse during the night and so […]

A Husband’s Love

In my last blog I asked you all to pray for many who are suffering. Thank you ! If you have not had a chance to pray, please look it over as we all must continue to pour our prayers upon the multitude who are suffering. In that blog, I spoke of a friend I […]

Let Us Pray!

I’m angry. I am sad. But, I am not without hope. With each week comes knowledge of more people who I either know personally or I hear about from others who are suffering in ways I cannot begin to imagine. When I hear about those who are suffering sometimes I get angry and sometimes I […]

The Thin Veil

I held my grandfather’s hand as he passed away ten years ago. He was told he had cancer and only a few months to live. Upon finding out, I wept and wept, then wiped the tears from my eyes and became proactive. About 24 years old at the time, I decided I did not want to watch […]

The Ache in Our Hearts

My husband is amazing and wonderful! He is a true servant and pillar of sacrifice in our marriage. He is a faith-filled man of God, but he does not fill the ache in my heart. This past weekend I spoke to 100 young adults on a retreat in the mountains of Prescott, Arizona. The majority […]