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A Baby and a Cure for Cancer

Update: My book is now available on Amazon and at Mary Immaculate Books and Gifts in Mesa, AZ and St. Thomas the Apostle Gift Shop in Phoenix. More bookstores will have it soon!! It is also still available on Create Space as well! Marco James was born this past Monday at 10 lbs. I think I forgot […]

Mother’s Day Reflection

With Mother’s Day just passing, I thought I would share some thoughts with you. Mother’s Day was very sentimental this year because it was my first since dying during the birth of my baby girl, almost leaving my children without a mother, my husband without a wife and my parents without a daughter. I know […]

Eternal Life

On Holy Thursday, I had quite the reflective day. I began the morning preparing to leave the children so I could attend the funeral of one of my best friend’s brother. (I will call the deceased man “M” for this blog.). M was only three years younger than us and we all grew up going […]

A Conversation About a Life Lost and a Life Saved

Even though my heart is back to normal after suffering two cardiac arrests eight months ago, the doctors insist on keeping me on a medication that will continue to allow my heart to rest and relax. The down-side to the drug is that if I were to get pregnant it can cause birth defects. In […]