Dear Readers, For many years, there was time in the day where I was able to write and share my thoughts on life, love, faith, and family with the supportive readers of my blog. However, as my children are growing and we engage fully in the joys of family time, writing time for me is […]


A few years ago, we were visiting my husband’s family and he was bonding with his younger brother by playing video games, which they played for endless hours. Then they came up from the basement for dinner. The children and I were both happy to finally have Doug back from the trance he had been […]

  What I learned from watching my friend die of cancer September 21, 2012 was just two years ago. I can’t believe the time that has passed by as I recall the life and death of my dear friend Angela Faddis. My friend, a mother of two small children, was given the dreadful news that […]

“Brady, Meghan is sick; we should pray and ask Jesus to go be with her. Will you lead the prayer?” This is the simple question I asked my then three-year-old son one morning while we were sitting at breakfast. He took a breath, contemplated for a moment (he was in deep thought apparently coming up […]

When I check my Facebook, I love to see people celebrating and sharing beautiful moments in their lives. But today as I peruse my page, I see heartache. First I see the mother of a girl I went to high school youth group with sharing that her mother will die of cancer in the next […]

Protecting the innocence of our children… My heart secretly ached for her not to be fine leaving me, her mom. My daughter started pre-k recently. The first day she cried and didn’t want to leave me. I walked her in and stayed a while. A dad of another child I know well was inside the […]

One morning when my son was an infant, I took him for an early morning drive to get him out of the house. We had no destination to reach and were casually driving through the neighborhood. I saw a few garage sale signs and I stopped at one that I saw selling a hammock. Oh […]

Recently, an acquaintance on Facebook wrote something that struck me. Here is what he wrote (I have omitted any identifying information to protect his privacy): “Dear Facebook World, I have to admit something. The past nine months I’ve been scared. I’ve been scared to announce that my wife and I were pregnant with our 5th […]

My dear friend Angela Faddis died from colon cancer at age 32 leaving behind her husband Chris and her two young children, Gianna and Augustine. With the year of her death passing just over a month ago, her husband has come out with a book titled It Is Well that speaks about their beautiful faith […]

The fear I had when the doctor told me I was going to have a son is beginning to happen. When the doctor announced over five years ago that we were going to have a boy, I am ashamed to admit this, but I cried. Not because I didn’t want a boy, but because an […]