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A Break from Writing to Engage in Family Time

Dear Readers, For many years, there was time in the day where I was able to write and share my thoughts on life, love, faith, and family with the supportive readers of my blog. However, as my children are growing and we engage fully in the joys of family time, writing time for me is […]

Our children’s counterfeit world

A few years ago, we were visiting my husband’s family and he was bonding with his younger brother by playing video games, which they played for endless hours. Then they came up from the basement for dinner. The children and I were both happy to finally have Doug back from the trance he had been […]

How do you say, “It is well with my soul?’

My dear friend Angela Faddis died from colon cancer at age 32 leaving behind her husband Chris and her two young children, Gianna and Augustine. With the year of her death passing just over a month ago, her husband has come out with a book titled It Is Well that speaks about their beautiful faith […]

Examining My Priorities

Happy birthday to my beautiful, kind, loving, joy-filled daughter who turned three-years old today! Although I do not share face pictures of my children online, I thought I would share this one of her yesterday as she dressed up for her birthday. She is getting to be such a big girl!! When I think that […]

Season of Change

Change! I used to hate the idea of change. When I graduated from high school, I cried. When my parents sold the home I grew up in, I begged them not to and when they did, I cried! I used to look at change as a horrible occurrence until I entrusted my life to God. […]

Things Have Been a Whirlwind!

Sorry I didn’t write a blog a few weeks ago. Life in the Pritchard house has been a little crazy. About two months ago, we decided that since the market in Arizona was hot, that we would attempt at selling our house. That entailed a lot of cleaning I didn’t want to do! But, my […]

5 Things My Momma Taught Me

My mother is wonderful. She truly is the perfect mom for me….God knew it! With Mother’s Day fast approaching I thought I would blog about five things my mom Sherry has taught me. Honesty– My mother never, ever lied. I remember going to the zoo once and we had a family pass and took one […]

700 Club Segment Link of My Survival Story

Here is link to my AFE survival story segment airing on CBN’s 700 Club stations today. So happy my story is getting out even more! Hopefully it will reveal the great power of prayer! Please share it with others! Seeing it makes me remember how amazing so many were in coming to Ella’s and […]

700 Club Will Air My Story Tomorrow!

Dear Blog Readers, I just received a call from the producers of the 700 Club. Tomorrow, CBN’s the 700 Club show will be airing a re-enactment of my survival story! It will also include commentary from my husband, brother, friend, and me. It will play on TBN, ABC Family Channel, and a few more stations […]

What Do You See?

Busy. Busy. Busy. That about sums up my life right now. It’s not like I am taking too much on. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I try to balance my life by not saying yes to everything that comes along, but some months or times of the year, there is just unavoidable busyness that […]