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What I Learned From Watching My Friend Die of Cancer

  What I learned from watching my friend die of cancer September 21, 2012 was just two years ago. I can’t believe the time that has passed by as I recall the life and death of my dear friend Angela Faddis. My friend, a mother of two small children, was given the dreadful news that […]

Heroic Love: Baby Celeste Born 22 Weeks

Meet Celeste. Her name means “Heavenly”. This was a fitting and perfect name for a child born at 22 weeks weighing one pound, one ounce. About a month ago, Corinna began experiencing contractions at 22 weeks in her pregnancy. Her husband Kemi rushed her to the hospital where doctors informed them the baby was coming. […]

Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally Speech 6/8/2010

On June 8, 2010, I was asked to speak at the Arizona Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally. I spoke alongside of Bishop Thomas Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix, Dr. William Chavira, Karen Williams of Silent No More, Rev Dr. CT Wright, Ron Johnson, Cathi Herrod, legislators and emcee John Jakubczyk. It was a great turnout […]

A Conversation About a Life Lost and a Life Saved

Even though my heart is back to normal after suffering two cardiac arrests eight months ago, the doctors insist on keeping me on a medication that will continue to allow my heart to rest and relax. The down-side to the drug is that if I were to get pregnant it can cause birth defects. In […]