In the Silence We Grew

Silence.  The time we grew the most in our lives was in the comfort of our mothers’ wombs where it was silent. In that silence we grew our arms, legs, brain, heart, lungs, and soul.

Maybe we can learn something from the way God chose to create and form us. Maybe the key to growing in our relationships with the Lord and growing to know ourselves better is by being silent.

When I awoke from my comatose state a little over a year ago after I had died for ten minutes and been unconscious for 24hrs, something in me had clearly changed. I often wonder if my daily life was too loud before and maybe the Lord took this opportunity of me being completely silent to work on my heart and my soul a little more. Since that incident, the walls of my heart have been broken down, and I am experiencing life in a new way as my soul has been awakened by the entire experience where I laid—in complete silence.

“Jesus is thirsting for us right now…Do we listen to Him saying, “I thirst for your love?… Do we really hear Him…He is saying it right now.” -Mother Teresa (1994)

Do we hear it? In the midst of studying for classes, driving the kids from here to there with the radio blaring, working at our busy jobs, or dashing through the grocery store. Do you hear in the silence of your hearts Jesus saying these words as Mother Teresa describes, “I thirst for your love?”

How would our lives change if we truly heard Jesus express this thirst for us?  Isn’t that what we truly desire? To be loved and feel known? Here we have our Lord and Savior waiting patiently for us to invite Him in to love us. If we heard from His lips, “I thirst for your love,” would our prayer lives change?  Would we be ever more devoted? Would the walls of our hearts be broken down in an instant? Would we grow in the silence as we did in the womb? And would a quiet chapel, a car ride without music, or a room in our house be our new escape from the clamor and chaos ringing in our ears? Will it be there where we can hear the sound of the Lord’s voice awakening our souls?

The challenge is—to find out and take the time to locate a quiet place where we can be silent so as to listen without distraction. Maybe there we will hear the words that just may change our lives and fulfill our heart’s longing desire to be passionately loved by our Maker and Creator.

The silence starts now………


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  1. God bless you Melanie and thank you for your words of encouragement!

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