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Have You Thanked a Nurse Today?

With my eyes wide open, I laid on the ground next to my grandma’s bed in the guest room when she came for a visit at age 93 (she is now 101 years old). During her visit to Arizona (from Minnesota) she contracted a bad cough. It progressively got worse during the night and so […]

A Stranger No More

You would think since I wrote a book entitled The Day I Died that I would have finally solved the mystery of what happened the one day in 34 years that I do not remember. Although the book helped me piece the event together, there are still so many things I want to know. As I […]

Celebrating A Year Later

On July 28, 2011, I returned to the hospital where I gave birth to Ella one year ago, the same place I died and was revived back to life. I invited the doctors, nurses and staff to a party to celebrate this glorious one year birthday of Ella and anniversary of my survival. The staff […]

A Baby and a Cure for Cancer

Update: My book is now available on Amazon and at Mary Immaculate Books and Gifts in Mesa, AZ and St. Thomas the Apostle Gift Shop in Phoenix. More bookstores will have it soon!! It is also still available on Create Space as well! Marco James was born this past Monday at 10 lbs. I think I forgot […]

The Book is PUBLISHED!

The “hurry up and wait” is over! My BOOK (The Day I Died: Finding Hope in Suffering) has been PUBLISHED! It is now available for early purchase through a site called Create Space. You can order copies at Next week Amazon will carry it (in about 7 days). Then, Refuge Clothing (, my t-shirt […]

A Dream Come True!

Book Update: The book should be on sale online as soon as Saturday, but as far away as next week. Either way, I will let you know the moment it is published!    Now on to this week’s blog!! I am writing this blog on Sunday, June 26th from sunny Santa Monica, California. It’s beautiful! […]

Past Blogs From My AFE Survival

I am moving my blogs to this new site. On my last site, I included blogs about my recent survival from an amniotic fluid embolism. I realize people are still reading these, so I have included them all here in this blog for anyone to reference. They go from the latest one written down to […]